Leadership and Board of Directors

Alice Casson

Executive Director

“I am here to impact the lives of children & families one life at a time.”

Brenna Ramos

Director of Program Management

“Hand in Hand is an agency that is dedicated to the children and families in our community.
I believe the work that takes place here is important and an opportunity for us to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.”

Porsche Thompson

Outreach Program Manager

“Working for Hand in Hand is my daily reminder of something Charles Dickens said:  ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”‘

Janaela Hopper

Safe Place Program Manager

“Hand in Hand has provided me the opportunity to make a difference for the many children and families we serve. I truly am grateful to be a part of this organization by resourcing these kids with necessities and love!”

Terry Lott Jr.

Donor Development & Communications Manager 

“Hand in Hand gives me an opportunity to work with those who have shared values of helping others with compassion and empathy, and a commitment to making a
real impact in our community.”

Debbie Long

Development Director

“I have been drawn to the purpose and mission of Hand in Hand from the first time I heard the story. I am honored to be part of an organization that is making a difference in the community in which I live.”

Board of Directors

Cari Campbell

Board Chairman

“I am committed to Hand in Hand because of the depth of need that exists in the community, the exceptional staff and volunteers that respond to that need and most of all the call from Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves. Hand and Hand responds to that call every day.”

Brian Ritchie

Vice Chairman

“I saw how Hand in Hand loved and cared for my own foster child, and I want to be a part of bringing that same love and care to this community.”

Katie Lohr


“I work with Hand in Hand because I believe in the power of investing in and empowering members of our community to improve not only their lives, but those of future generations.”

Kevin Peterson


“I was drawn to Hand in Hand because of how deeply the organization impresses me.  They don’t just provide service, they are led to serve because they care about the people in their community.”

Erik Sanders


“What I love most about Hand in Hand is the organization’s passion to emulate Christ by serving and helping those most in need in our community.”

Gwen Chamberlain-Chong


“I feel truly blessed to be a board member of Hand in Hand. As a volunteer, I have first-hand knowledge of the positive effect Hand in Hand has on the children and families we serve. My heart melts when a child asks if Safe Place can be their home now. I know that the child feels safe, warm, cared for, and able to just be a kid at the shelter.”

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