Our Purpose & Our Work

In 2010, Hand in Hand was born from a group of foster parents, social workers and child advocates seeking to make positive, systemic changes in how children enter and are cared for in the foster system.

Today, Hand in Hand supports children and families in crisis through the foundational Christian teachings of respect, unconditional love, and compassion. We exist to foster hope and opportunity for children and families in crisis by providing services focused on protection, provision and permanence. This is our purpose.

Our purpose can be seen in every emergency food box we distribute, in each hour of after school academic support we provide, in every soccer game played, and every utility bill we cover so a family can stay in their home.

It can be found in our expanded Foster Support Services created to increase our reach into the foster network.

And our purpose can be found in the staff, donors, volunteers, community partners and board members who carry this compassion and commitment with them every day.

Through Hand in Hand Safe Place, our Outreach Program and our newly developed Foster Support Services, we provide extensive resources and refuge to all children and families in need throughout our community.

In the past nine years, we have supported thousands

of children and families through our programs:

 1,500 Children

Have been given shelter at
Hand in Hand Safe Place

 396 Students

Have been enrolled in
School Outreach

 4,244 People

  Have received clothing

4,175 People

Have benefitted from
emergency food boxes

  753 People

   Have received rental/utility

  700 Children

   Have participated in
   Soccer Outreach

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