Hand in Hand is pleased to partner with Everett Youth Soccer Club. This partnership is an innovative extension of our long-standing commitment to providing outreach and prevention services in Snohomish County.

For nearly four years, Hand in Hand has administered a soccer outreach program as a means to provide outreach services.  Partnering with Everett Youth Soccer Club (EYSC) will allow us to focus on providing critical support resources to children while they participate in a soccer program managed by an exceptional soccer organization.

Hand in Hand will continue to support soccer youth with scholarships and outreach services while all soccer activities will be run by Everett Youth Soccer Club. Hand in Hand and EYSC will work together to offer financial assistance for families as needed.

To learn more about EYSC’s soccer programs and to sign up for a team, click here.

To learn about Hand in Hand outreach services, click here.

The affiliation with EYSC is a unique approach that unites an athletic organization and a human services organization.   This affiliation aims to provide guidance and assistance for kids and families who want to be a part of a team.  Hand in Hand’s goal is to walk alongside Everett Youth Soccer Club by being a resource for services when families identify they have a need for support.

Hand in Hand will also provide training, support and resources to EYSC  leadership, coaches and team managers.  Training will focus on communication and positive team engagement to ensure that all players and families are communicated with and supported in a fashion that meets them where they are, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Established in 1976, Everett Youth Soccer Club is proud to have taught and nurtured the joy of soccer for local youth for over four decades now. Their mission is to create an environment where all kids have access to high-quality, affordable soccer (recreational-developmental-competitive).

Together, we will continue to provide hope and opportunity to the children and families of Snohomish County.